Security Question Evaluator - Supported by SA Health (3/2022 - 10/2022)


  • Work with SA Health to refine the requirements for the project

  • Engage in bi-weekly meetings with 3 undergrad students to provide academic supervision and keep track of the project progress

This project won the "Innovative Software Engineering Award" at Ingenuity 2022. If these projects interest you, please contact me for more info.


VulDoctor: A Web Application for Tracking Vulnerable Dependencies (3/2020 - 10/2020)


  • Propose the overall idea of the project

  • Provide the requirements for the project

  • Engage in bi-weekly meetings with 3 undergrad students to provide technical supervision and keep track of the project progress

Internship at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (4/2018 - 7/2018)


  • Examined different methods to extract the features from the structure data of the molecules and materials

  • Built advanced data mining and machine learning models to analyze the structure data based on the extracted features

  • Developed machine learning models to determine the complex properties of various chemical and material systems


  • Had 2 abstracts accepted at Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science 2018

  • Presented poster titled "A reaction-based ensemble machine learning method to determine the heat of formation for chemical systems"

  • Presented poster titled "A reaction-based similarity refinement approach to estimate the heat of formation for chemical systems"

MSMC - GUI Program (1/2016 - 7/2018)


  • Implemented the input files data parsing and Hindered Rotor parameter detection for a given species

  • Coordinated the team member to complete other tasks in the project

  • Proposed new ideas and approaches to solve emerging problems

Tool website:


  • Published an ISI-journal paper namely "T. H. M. Le, S. T. Do, and L. K. Huynh, "Identification of hindered internal rotational mode for complex chemical species: A data mining approach with multivariate logistic regression model,” in Chemom. Intell. Lab. Syst. Accepted for Publication on 7 Nov 2017."

  • Received "Best Poster Presentation Award" for the poster titled "A data mining approach to determine the hindered internal rotational frequency for chemical species" at The 21st International Annual Symposium on Computational Science and Engineering (ANSCSE21), 2017

  • Thesis 100/100: A data mining approach for determination of Hindered Internal Rotation parameters for complex chemical systems.

  • Published an ISI-journal paper namely "T. H. M. Le, S. T. Do, and L. K. Huynh, "Algorithm for auto-generation of hindered internal rotation parameters for complex chemical systems," Comp. Theor. Chem., vol. 1100, pp. 61-69, 1/15/ 2017."

  • Presented a poster with title: "MSMC-GUI: An interactive tool for data munging and analysis for chemical system" at The 3rd international conference on computational science and engineering (ICCSE2016), 2016.

  • Presented oral presentation with title: "MSMC-GUI - An Automatic Setup Tool for Hindered Internal Rotation Treatment for Ab Initio Thermodynamic Property Calculations" at the 5th World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (WCSET2016), 2016.

Video Annotation Tool – Principal Investigator of International University Research Project (6/2015 - 4/2017)


  • Integrated the NICE product category into GoodRelations ontology using Protégé

  • Developed the interface for the online video annotation tool using Canvas in JS (jQuery), CSS3 and HTML

  • Implemented PHP server for handling saving/loading the user’s XML annotation file as well as access rights


  • A journal paper "T. H. M. Le and T. H. Duong, ”Online collaborative video annotation framework using GoodRelations ontology for E-commerce,” International Journal of Advanced Computer Research, vol. 7, pp. 121–135, 2017."

Online Furniture Store - Web Application Development Course (9/2015 - 11/2015)


  • Monitored the team to go through different phases of an Agile software development process (analysis, design, development and testing)

  • Designed, implemented user-friendly and secured E-commerce website using JSP and MySQL

  • Evaluated the progress of the team members each week and hold online discussion to find and resolve the problems during the process


  • 100/100 project score

School System Management - Principles of Database Management Course (1/2015 - 4/2015)


  • Monitored the progress and resolve problems emerging during the development process

  • Designed an appropriate database model for the storing the data related to the projects

  • Designed and implemented user-friendly university management system using Java Swing and MySQL


  • 100/100 project score