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I am Triet Huynh Minh Le (Lê Huỳnh Minh Triết in Vietnamese), currently a Research Associate at the Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies (CREST) in the School of Computer Science at The University of Adelaide (UofA). In 2022, I obtained my Ph.D. from CREST (UofA) under the supervision of Professor M. Ali Babar.

My research interests are Mining Software Repositories and Software Security Intelligence. My research aims at developing high-performing and robust Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to perform large-scale analysis and assessment of various types of security vulnerabilities collected from multiple security sources (e.g., CVE/NVD), developer's forums (e.g., Stack Overflow) and software repositories (e.g., GitHub). My proposed vulnerability analytics and assessment models help to provide detailed and timely information for security and software practitioners to effectively and efficiently plan and prioritize vulnerability remediation and prevent cybersecurity attacks.

Please contact me via triet.h.le@adelaide.edu.au, Twitter, LinkedIn

Recent News

  • "The International Workshop on Software Vulnerability Management" (SVM 2023) organized by me with Prof. M. Ali Babar & Prof. Awais Rashid has been accepted to be co-located with ICSE 2023.

  • The project under my supervision on "Security question evaluator" won the "Innovative Software Engineering Award" at Ingenuity 2022.

  • 10/2022: Invited to be a PC member of the technical track of MSR 2023.

  • 9/2022: Gave an invited talk about "Data-driven Support for Software Vulnerability Assessment and Prioritization", which is based on my PhD research.

  • 9/2022: Started my post-PhD journey as a Research Associate at CREST (UofA)

  • 8/2022: My PhD was conferred. I finally graduated and became a Dr.!

  • 6/2022: My PhD thesis on "Towards an Improved Understanding of Software Vulnerability Assessment Using Data-Driven Approaches" was accepted with no revision required. My PhD was completed!

  • 6/2022: Invited to be a PC member of the technical track of SANER 2023.

  • 5/2022: Invited to be a PC member of the MSR4P&S workshop co-located with FSE 2022.

  • 5/2022: Received the Distinguished Reviewer Award at MSR 2022

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